Graphic Tutorial by imodair

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step 1: open new file and color it the background color you want, then add some grainy textures, i used this and this textures 

step 2: choose the photo you want for the background and cut it out- tutorial

step 3: fill the cut out with white color overlay 

step 4: now copy the cut out to the background color layer

step 5: now select the quote or text you want to write and 
use calibri bold as the font and the background color as the text color

step 6: now open the charactar window using this symbol 
 and just play with the size of the text and put enters between words so it will fit in you cut out, you can also play with the ‘transform controls’

step 7: you dont have to but you can ass second cut out to your graphic, without the color overlay and i used this tutorial to delete katniss’ face.

hope you understood something! xx

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